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I have a crush

By June 7, 2017June 9th, 2017No Comments
There’s this guy at school ‘S’. I had a crush on him since December. About four weeks ago, he found out I liked him. I don’t know how he found out, but he did. Since then, a lot of things have been different between us. I used to just sit all hour in class and stare at him. Now, he looks back and stares at me! I always have to look away real quickly when he looks my way. He’ll stare at me in the hall all the time too. Then, the worst thing happened. I overheard him say to his friends”She’s cool. I’m gonna ask her out”. I was real stupid to think he was talking about me. I told everyone he was going to ask me out, even though I wasn’t even sure. Two weeks ago, I found out he had a girlfriend and he wasn’t talking about me. I saw them and almost burst out crying. I cried that day. Since then, I haven’t been able to look at them together or even look at him in class anymore. I have dreams about beating up his girlfriend and S and I going out on dates and kissing. The worst thing is that S won’t talk to me like he used to. We had a really close relationship until he found out I like him. Things have gotten worse yet. I found out that three other girls in my classes like S too. One of them is named H and she found out I like S too. Now, she wants to beat me up! It’s not my fault I like S and she shouldn’t want to hurt me because of it. But she does. I’m a real mess now and I need as much advice as I can get. Please respond to my problem. Thank you.

Consider This:

  • Crushes are complex relationships, especially if it is a friend. Crying about your crush’s girlfriend is a natural response. Keep in mind your feelings will change with time.
  • Try letting H know you are not going after your crush. Some people believe if they get rid of the competition, they might have a better chance of getting the one they want.
  • Try to remember your crush has someone in his life right now. Consider talking to other boys in your class who pique your interest.You never know, you might find someone new.
  • It might be a good idea to focus on your studies right now. This might help you learn new ways to cope with rejection in a positive way. Once you have dealt with your loss, try looking for love again.

Help Yourself:

  • What kind of traits do you like in boys?
  • How do other teens deal with rejection? What could you do to feel better about yourself?
  • What advice would your parents or friends give you about someone threatening you?