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I Have Had Troubles With A Guy Before

By February 24, 2024No Comments

Well i’m not the best looking person and I’ve had troubles with a guy before, he thinks i stalk him but the truth is i don’t, people at my school just spread so much rumors that he believes and i get so mad and sad because i really never stood a chance when they say that stuff. i can’t bear to talk to him face to face, we only ever talk over gmail, im starting to think i should just give up, what do i do? 🙁



  • First and most importantly thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral and telling your story. You might be surprised but this is something that many adolescents feel when they are young and trying to figure all this out .
  • If you every feel as though you are becoming to overwhelmed you can always reach out to the Crisis Hotline by texting Home to 741741. Someone is there 24\7 to respond and to discuss what you are feeling.
  • Sometimes talking to someone can be the best way to get all of these feelings out. Is there someone in your life that you could talk to like a teacher, friend, parent, or a coach? Adults are great for letting us know their own experiences as well and maybe can offer some really great advice for you to follow.


  • Growing up and navigating other people can be difficult. Often when we take the time and slow down we can see and feel differently in the moment. Here on TeenCentral we have great resources on doing just that through meditation . It is called Sun Salutation meditation. I have linked it here for you.
  • You said that this person will talk to you on gmail. Have you talked about how you feel and the way that the rumors are affecting you? See what they think. They might not even be aware of the rumors, and you can talk through some of your feelings.
  • A great way to process through information is to get it down on paper. I have always found that journaling helps me get out my emotions, think about what I am going to say , and allows for me to process a situation fully. Try staring one and see how it works.
  • Don’t forget you are not alone, and many kids work through this in their life. It takes time.