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I just don’t even know what to say anymore

By January 18, 2023No Comments

i’ve been depressed for a while now. i dont know what caused it or what to do about it. it just is this way and its probably never going to change. i imagine growing up with this, and just…. failing. my story isnt as extreme. theres no abuse, no trauma(i remember at least)i’m just- depressed and i hate it. there’s not much else. no drama, just emptiness.



  • First thing to say is thank you, for having the courage to reach out to TeenCentral for guidance. Often times, reaching out for help is very difficult for not only teenagers but for adults too. Be proud of yourself for making that big step.
  • From how you describe what you are feeling is mostly depression and feeling like you have no way out of feeling like that. I can absolutely say YOU CAN feel better. The best advice that we can always give is to talk to someone about how you are feeling. This can be any supportive adult that might be in your life such as your parents, a family member, parent of a friend, or even a schoolteacher or guidance counselor.
  • If you are feeling as though you are in crisis or if you are feeling as though you want to hurt yourself, please contact the resources listed below. You can contact the crisis number by texting “Hello” to 741741. The nice thing is that you can text them and someone is there to talk 24/7.

National Suicide Hotline

Available 24/7

Helps individuals in suicidal crisis with support



  • We have some great resources on depression and anxiety on this very site. I would suggest taking some time to take a look at them and see if there is something that can assist you. We also have some great things in our Tools section to help hopefully alleviate some of those stressors.
  • Please don’t feel like you just have to suffer alone. You don’t.
  • There are also many hotlines available to you on the TeenCentral HELP tab. Read over them because one of them may apply to your situation perfectly – and they respond immediately to you. Know that you are not alone. You got this!!!