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I just want out!

By May 31, 2017June 2nd, 2017No Comments

My father (biological, been living with him my whole life) hates me with a passion. Every morning he criticizes me and curses me out. He also bullies me. He and my sister hate me passionately. When my mom is not home my sister lies to my father that I did something because my father LOVES my sister. She called the cops on him, curses him out, doesn’t care about school, but he won’t punish her because he sees her as his beloved daughter. I, on the other hand, do well in school, but I stopped respecting him in terms of ignoring his insults, leaving the room when he is there, not answering back. He looks at those as insults. Even though he is rude to me, hates me, talks about me to my siblings and his friends, I still say good morning and still try to push that aside. My mom yells at him for the way he treats me, which causes fights between them. I just can’t wait to leave this house.


  • You are doing such a great job of handling this situation with maturity and understanding! It takes a lot of strength to endure such disrespectful behavior and still try your best to be kind and put in an effort to make things better.
  • You might consider trying to have a discussion with your father about the way he treats you.
  • Perhaps you might consider suggesting to your mom to have the family attend some family counseling since she seems to understand the situation.
  • You could also try speaking to your school counselor about what you are experiencing a home.  School counselors often have a lot of resources to offer for families who are having trouble getting along.


  • How would you like to see this situation resolved?
  • What benefits might you get from talking to a school counselor?
  • What do you think would happen if you tried to have a discussion with your father about the way he treats you?
  • How do you think your family would respond to attending family counseling?