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I struggle with a range of mental health issues…

By August 14, 2022No Comments

My therapist recommended I look into therapeutic boarding schools. I can’t find any near me-there might be, I’m just not sure how reliable they are because I’ve heard bad things about them. Do I have any other options?? I struggle with a wide range of mental health issues.


  • Thank you for writing to TeenCentral and sharing your questions about options surrounding boarding school. We are an informational website that offers a range of educational materials regarding a range of teen concerns such as bullying, self-image, communication, boundaries, and coping with tough stuff. It sounds as if you already have a professional therapist involved in your treatment, congratulations for taking and accepting the help you need to take care of yourself.
  • Consult your therapist about their recommendation regarding therapeutic boarding school. Typically, in the United States, a therapeutic team (of providers, therapists, psychologists) will make a recommendation for what is called a level of care that is determined medically necessary. Once the recommendations is in place, the service provides, insurance company, and family come together to determine what options are available to the person. Therefore, it is important that you stay in contact with your therapeutic team and ask them these questions.
  • If you are seeking more information on your mental health, you can consult NAMI or SAMHSA for more information beyond what is offered on our LEARN tab. Furthermore, in the United States, one is typically able to learn more about local levels of care / treatment from a provider list offered on most county websites, ore insurance websites. Again, consult a parent when trying to navigate the insurance intricacies.


  • In the meantime, if you are looking for ways to cope with stress or depression, or any strong feelings, consider looking at our TOOLS tab. We also have a great tool on making tough decisions.
  • Do what you can for yourself right now. Enjoy looking at our LEARN tab under the WELLNESS section for great ideas on self-care. There are also some great resources on our WHAT’S NEW tab such as tips for mental wellness.
  • Good Luck on your journey, trust your team of professionals. They are working hard for you, but they can only be successful if you are willing to work just as hard for yourself.