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I think I might need to go back to the hospital

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I think I might need to go back to the hospital…

I dont know, but i think i might need to go back to the mental hospital. I feel like they took me home too soon. I know where i was it was only a crisis intervention, but i need somewhere that will help me 24/7. All of my depression anxiety and PTSD are way to much for me to handle. I am too stressed, and last time i went to the hospital i went there because i tried to commit suicide. This time I’m overwhelmed and would like to go to a residential hospital that is more long term and will care for me better because I’m just overwhelmed and i dont know what to do. My mom wont let me go to the consuler s office at school and my therapy appointments keep getting cancelled. But i feel like i need more help all the time. Like someone who can help me get better. I’ve struggle;d with self harm, abuse, and severe depression, anxiety, ptsd, and adhd. I just want help that is stable and all the time. But the thing is, I dont think my parents will want to take me to the ER and sign all the mental hospital papers again. But i feel like i need to go and get more help. I just dont know and i need help as soon as i can get it. There’s probably no chance of getting my mom to understand this time, but i think i need more help. I’ve been thinking more about suicide and have a possible plan-i dont think ill do it, i just know how ill do it if I can’t take this anymore. The reason i went to the mental hospital last time was for self harm and a suicide attempt. But I dont think my mom will let me go back to the hospital. HELP!!!!!! The world is just too overwhelming. EVERYONE keeps getting mad at me for going to the consuler at school, including my parents and teachers. But I dont know what else to do because i need help! And i dont have any friends at school, so I’m just too lonely. Life is too overwhelming…



  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. It sounds like you have a lot of emotions going on right now and we are happy that you are here to write into us.
  • First and most important is to make sure that you are safe. You had stated that you were previously committed to a facility due to a suicide attempt and reported that there are some reoccurring thoughts. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE REACHING OUT TO A PROFESSIONAL . We have many hotlines listed on our site. One of which is the SUICIDE HOTELINE which I have listed below. You are important and it is important that you are safe. If you do not wish to reach out to them you can also text the crisis hotline by texting “hello” to 741741. 

National Suicide Hotline
Available 24/7
Helps individuals in suicidal crisis with support


  • Reaching out to an adult is still important. You had mentioned that  individuals were upset that you were going to the guidance department. Maybe you could talk to your mom about how you are feeling and what is going on. You had mentioned that you were not sure how she would respond. Maybe she will surprise you and you and her can make this decision together safely.


  • Here at TeenCentral we are all about working through some emotional distress. We have some great TOOLS in our tools section for DEPRESSION which I have linked here for you. There are also some great resources about ANXIETY in our LEARN section of the website.
  • Another beneficial TOOL that you may like is the VIRTUAL HUG. Its a great way to slow down how we are thinking and allow ourselves to breath. It does a great job at promoting deep breathing which can ease a lot of anxiety.
  • Most importantly again is to make sure that you are safe. Taking the time to communicate with those around you about how you are feeling. I am sorry that your therapist continues to cancel. Another option could be to contact them to let them know that this is important and you would like to talk to someone promptly. Maybe they can refer you to another therapist in their organization, or maybe your mom can assist you in finding a new service.