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I think people think I’m crazy, weird

By March 12, 2022No Comments

Hello, my name is Skylar I have learning disabilities: ADHD, OCD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Oral Expression Disorder, Severe Anxiety, and Depression. I feel sorry, anxious, depressed because I feel like people think I am annoying, crazy, weird, etc. It feels like nobody likes me or wants to be my friend. It feels like barely even anyone wants to be my friend. It feels like barely even anyone wants to text with me/hangout with me. It feels like I am invisible like some people don’t even notice me. It makes me feel sad and lonely because it feels like nobody wants to be my friend. Everyone freaking leaves when I try to explain to them what I’m going through it freaking hurts and then I have no one to freaking talk to because I’m just a worthless person. I am sick and tired of trying to be the perfect child when I know I’m not. I am sick of trying to impress everyone by putting on a fake smile and a fake laugh. I am so so sorry to all the people who have tried their absolute hardest to support me. I hate life I hate myself I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. idc if I get covid, cancer, or something like that. I just hope it k.i.l.l.s me. I wish the doctor would walk out to everyone and say “she didn’t make it”. I do not want to fight anymore and I can’t even describe how serious I’m being, I’m not living anymore, I’m existing, I’m breathing and that’s it, I’m not living, I don’t have a soul or personality, I am not human, I am a thing, a problem, a disappointment to those who come near me.

Help Yourself

  • Hello and thank you for sharing your difficult story about how your feeling.  It may not feel like it now, but you are very strong to take the step to seek help and express your feelings.  You should be proud of yourself for taking that step and sharing your feelings with the TeenCentral Community.
  • Would it be possible to seek counseling to help you with expressing your emotions?  Professional support would help you to be heard and would also help in how to tackle some of the tough issues you are dealing with.
  • Do you have a parent/ guardian/ trusted adult that you can share your feelings with?  Having a strong support system is a huge part of getting through difficult times.  They may be able to help you as well.
  • If at any point you start to feel unsafe and you need immediate help, please call your local authorities or use the hotline below.  They are available 24/7 and can help if you need it.

Crisis Textline
Available 24/7
Support to all individuals in crisis

Text “HELLO” to 741741

Consider This

  • If you haven’t already, consider taking a look at some of the tabs on our website.  In the Tools section we provide some activities to promote insight as well as coping skills while dealing with emotional concerns.
  • Do you have any hobbies/ activities that make you happy- maybe even ones you haven’t participated in in awhile.  This might be a good time to go back to some things that make you happy.  If you can’t think of anything, maybe try something new.
  • We have several ideas for coping skills on our “Tools” section of our website, as well as a section on Depression under our “Learn” tab on the home page (you can hover over it and find a list of different topics such as Depression).  You may want to look through and see if any of the ideas presented appeal to you.  Give something new a try.
  • Have you tried journaling?  The great thing about journals is there’s no judgement.  Maybe try writing down not just how you’re feeling now, but also reasons and skills you’ve used in the past when you felt this way.
  • Remember- you aren’t alone.  You may not realize how many people around you are struggling right now as well.  Keep reaching out- you’re doing a great job.