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I Wanna Switch Schools

By February 6, 2022February 7th, 2022No Comments

I’ve been dealing with this mean girl ever since the beginning of the school year. We’re in the same gym class and on Friday she actually snuck up behind me and pantsed me in front of everyone! I was so humiliated. What made it even worse was a bunch of boys were having their gym class on the opposite side of the gym and my crush is in that class, so he saw everything. I’m thinking of asking my parents to put me in a different school. I’m sick of dealing w/ this girl and I don’t ever wanna go back, not after this.

Help Yourself

  • Oh no – dealing with bullies is so difficult and that experience the other day sounds awful! We’re sorry you went through that.  Thank you for reaching out for help with what’s going on.
  • Most school systems have an anti-bullying philosophy and work hard to protect their students.  Did a teacher see what happened to you and attempt to help?  Have you reached out to any teachers or school administrators to let them know what’ going on with this person?
  • You may want to try talking about this with your parents/ guardians as well if you haven’t already.  Family members can be great for helping defend against things that would hurt you.  Keep them in the loop with what you’re thinking as well.

Consider This

  • In our “Learn” tab on Teen Central we have an entire section devoted specifically to bullying.  You may want to take a look at it and see if any of the information shared in that section can help you.
  • There is a website called “” that also has a lot of information about bullying.  This may also be a good resource for you.
  • Keep in mind that bullies get their strength from the reactions that you give them.  Even if you’re feeling embarrassed and hurt, don’t let them see that from you.   Keep your head up and find people who are safe to be around.  What they do is a reflection on them- not you. Check out the resource about creating a Support Plan that may also be helpful.