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i was outside for six hours…

By July 22, 2022No Comments

last night one of our dogs jumped our fence (she’s fine and home) but now i have to sit outside with them while there out there. it wouldn’t be a problem if i was out there while they used the bathroom then we went inside but my stepmom said she’d tell me when i could come back inside. so i was out there in 90 degree heat from 7 when i first woke up to now 1. i was out there for over six hours with nothing to eat, no water, and haven’t even used the bathroom since before i went to bed last night. and i’m expected to do this every single day until school starts. yeah no as much as a horrible person it makes me by saying this, sell the dog because i cannot be out there 6 hours or more everyday doing this i feel like i’m going to collapse and im seeing colors.


  • We are sorry to hear about what you went through, we are thankful to hear you share your story with others. It sounds as if you are old enough, and resourceful to reach out for help. If you feel you are in danger you can try calling 911 or knock on a neighbor’s door. If you would like more information on child abuse, need assistance reporting abuse, or to speak with a ChildHelp counselor, please call or text the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). You can also live chat with a trained counselor at You can also look at our blog ” Getting Help for Abuse on Your Own” which can give some additional information and resources.
  • In the moment until you can get help, consider if you can access water and shade near by. Is there a hose hook up, or shaded areas or creeks you can walk to with the dog and stay cool. Are there any stores near by, fruit trees, or do you have any friends in the area that you can walk to their house?
  • Consider if you can talk to your stepmother and father. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, think about a supportive adult in your life (an older sibling, aunt/uncle, religious leader) who can help you link to more help in person or help you have a conversation with your family. If you check out our TOOLS tab we also have some helpful resources for making tough decisions. You might be able to prepare by writing down your major points and feelings. Try to do so without placing blame and shame as everyone has a side to the story and we often stop listening if someone places blame.


  • Build up your natural resources and supports. Enhance your positive experiences. Join groups, clubs, activities, or youth groups in your neighborhood. Not only to give you more positive experiences but also to surround you with more supportive adults that you might be able to talk to.
  • Take care of you. Look at our LEARN tab under the category WELLNESS and see if you can pick up some resources to help you out when you are alone. Again, thank you for sharing with us, we hope you find your peace, help, and wellness.