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I’m gonna walk out the door

By April 5, 2022No Comments

i jus wish i was dead i get lied on and all i even get abused on with objects i get hit n my head all the time im just finna walk out the door and never come back



  • First and most importantly thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. It sounds like there are a lot of negative things happening at this time which I am sure can feel frustrating and overwhelming.
  • Most importantly it is important to BE SAFE. If someone is harming you in anyway it is ok to reach out for help. You can use any one of the Help lines located in our Help section of TeenCentral. You can also contact law enforcement if you are not feeling safe where you are.

Child Help USA National Hotline
Available 24/7, over 170 languages
Helps youth who are suffering child abuse

1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

  • Talking to someone who you trust that is an adult can really help in this situation . They can assist you in processing through what is going on, and support you even if you decide to make the report. This can be any adult such as a teacher, mentor, coach, religious individual, parent,  or even a neighbor.
  • When people do not feel safe they will often act out irrationally. It may be good to talk to someone such as a professional who can assist you in how you are feeling and help you through what is going on in your life at this time.


  • The most important thing to feel is safe. One way to make sure that this happens is to find a SAFE SPACE. This can be any type of space that you feel as though you are safe in such as your bedroom, a neighbors home, or even a closet. This is a space where you can go and calm yourself, remove yourself from what is happening, and allow yourself time to think.
  • Sometimes it also helps to work through what is going on and the emotions that you are feeling at this time. One way to help make this happen is to journal. Journaling allows for us to process our feelings, what is going on, and sometimes can give us guidance on the next steps.
  • Lastly, getting outside can be a good way to get away from what is happening for short durations of time, find a safe space to work through what is going on before you return, and allow for you to process through next steps. We have many resources in our TOOLS tab that can help you find something that may work for you. Just remember that you are important and your safety is important.