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I’m just so sad

By July 14, 2022No Comments

I’m just so sad rn idk


  • We are sorry to hear that you are struggling with some sadness right now. We value your self-awareness and ability to express yourself to others. Sometimes just getting things out loud and off your chest can be a release. That is why we also often recommend using things like diaries, or even one of the journals with pre made questions that you can find at bookstores or online. We also have something like this right here on our website – CLICK HERE if you are interested.
  • If your sadness becomes overwhelming and you need someone to talk to you can connect with a person at the Crisis Textline, Available 24/7 by Texting “HELLO” to 741741
  • In the mean time, see if you can surround yourself with a positive supportive peer, adult, or family member who you can talk to or simply be around and share their positive space or activities. Just like negative energy can be invasive, positive energy, talk, and experiences can impact your day.


  • Have you considered ways you can help yourself cope when others are not around? If you check out our TOOLS tab, we have some cool tools like depression worksheets, daily positive reminders, self positive talk, and goals dreamcatchers!
  • Try unplugging and getting involved or invested in some more positive experiences that may help you work through your sadness. Some folks enjoy working out. Others find solace in distraction such as doing a puzzle, crossword, sudoku, playing solitaire, or word find. If you like being around others, go outside take a walk, walk a dog, brush your cat, cook a new recipe with a parent or sibling, or head to a park and play a game of pick up basketball.
  • We are glad that you are able to express yourself, it is okay to feel sadness, it is a normal and natural, but do your best to not stay stuck there.  Think about some of these things to see if they help you work through what you are feeling. Best!