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I’m Stuck

By November 18, 2022November 22nd, 2022No Comments

so umm my parents don’t believe that i am truly depressed and sometimes self harm. i hate talking to them about important things that they refuse to understand so i’m stuck. i hate myself for that. i know i need help but it’s so hard for me to ask for it.


Help Yourself:

  • Thank you so much for writing in! You are very brave for telling your parents, not everyone has the courage to do that. Here at TeenCentral we will provide you with tools to help guide you through this current journey.
  • Many parents struggle with accepting their child/children are anything but what they picture them to be. It is hard for both the child and the parents when the child is having a tough time. Remember that no one can tell you how to feel just as we cannot tell anyone else how to feel.
  • If you ever need help when feeling down, text the word HELLO to the amazing workers at the Crisis Textline at 741741. They are available 24/7 and are there to support all individuals during challenging times. You can also check out their resources on their website.


Consider This:

  • No matter our age or the topic, it is never easy talking with our parents about important things. This is a part of life that we all will continuously be working on. Do you have any older siblings or cousins? How about any aunts or uncles that you feel comfortable talking to about these things? Sometimes talking to others will help to figure out how to approach these topics with your parents. They also may be able to help support and guide you to helping yourself in other ways. Remember, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
  • Have you sought out professional help? Have you mentioned to your parents about speaking to a professional therapist? If that is not an option, how about speaking with your school guidance counselor, or a trusted coach, teacher, or member or your church/faith community (if you belong to one)?
  • If you feel comfortable speaking to your doctor this is always an option. Your doctor is a safe neutral person that you can talk with, and they will be able to offer you plenty of resources as well.
  • What do you do during your down time? Do you have any hobbies/coping skills or play sports/exercise? Think about trying something new! Hobbies and physical activities are great for producing the happy juices in our brains that increase and promote happiness and overall better moods and critical thinking skills. Take some time to explore our Learn section on our website for more information about things such as Depression, Self-Injury, and Talking With Our Families. When you are done there, head over to the Tools sections to check out some self-guided worksheets and activities to help such as, Support Planning, Weekly Mood Tracker, Strength Training/Stretch Yoga Pose, Daily Positive Reminders, or even Conflict Resolution.
  • With the winter months ahead of us, it is getting more difficult to get outside for fresh air and activities. That is okay thought! Try do at home work outs or joining a sports team at your school or community center. Try learning new hobbies for while at home such as reading or writing, crocheting, arts & crafts, sewing, or even small woodworking projects. The possibilities are endless!!!

Good Luck & Enjoy Learning your New Hobbies!!