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Is sex a big deal?

By June 8, 2017No Comments

Lately, I have been wanting to lose my virginity. All my friends are not virgins and I figure if everyone else is having sex, why can’t I? My mom doesn’t care if I have sex. No one cares anymore. Sex is nothing anymore, people just do it. I have this drilled into my head. I have been against sex before marriage, but I have even began to slip from God and my old beliefs. I used to go to church . Help me, please!

Consider This:

  • It is understandable to feel confused about sex, especially when it comes to your faith. It can feel like sex is no big deal when it is from another point of view.Today’s hookup culture might be one reason why some teens believe sex is not a big deal anymore.
  • Consider asking your spiritual leader about your confusion. Try asking your friends why sex is no big deal to them. You might consider asking a trusted family member about a positive sexual experience they had. Everyone has different points of view about sex.
  • Some teens might do things, like having sex, gain acceptance or peer pressure from their peers. Try looking for the consequences of teens who has sex, such as public humiliation, name calling or emotional distress. This way you can see what could happen if you follow your friend’s lead.
  • Consider the sex life you want for yourself. Having your own thoughts about a romantic experience is natural. Some people choose to wait until they find someone they love or until their wedding night. Follow your own heart about what you want.

Help Yourself:

  • How do you know your friends are right about sex? What reasons did your friends give about having sex?
  • What kind of sexual experience would you like to have in the future?
  • How could you make sure you do not give in to peer pressure about sex?