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Is there some sort of trick to just not caring what they think?

By June 12, 2017June 14th, 2017No Comments

I’m 13 and I have a very noticeable hunchback and Tourette’s syndrome. I’m really on the edge of my sanity because I get laughed at every day at school and made fun of behind my back and it hurts a lot. The few “friends” I’ve told of what it’s like have laughed at me and say I’m just exaggerating the pain I get mentally and the pain in my back when I spend long hours without resting. I’m on the verge of just not going to school at all and that scares me because I don’t want to give up but I can’t keep this up. Is there some sort of trick to just not caring what they think?


  • You are brave because you do not want to give up. That is wonderful news and requires great courage. Most people make fun or are mean when they don’t understand something- but it’s not okay.
  • Maybe you can try talking to your guidance counselor or another adult you trust about what’s going on to see if they can help support you and come up with some solutions.
  • If you are really stressed out, you might also try taking some time for yourself and doing some things you like to do. Maybe watching a favorite movie, reading a book, or doing something artistic like drawing or writing, or something more physical like yoga or taking a walk outside.
  • You might also try to find a support group in your area for people with Tourette’s or similar conditions, sometimes it helps to share your feelings with others who might be struggling with things similar to you.
  • Also, check out some of the resources here on, like the positive self-talk statements on the Tools page for a little help to make it through the tough times.
  • Although it is difficult, don’t give up, there are people who care and those who say hurtful things sometimes don’t understand the strength that you have to get through the day and manage the physical and mental pain you sometimes feel.


  • What would happen if you talked with a guidance counselor or trusted adult about what is happening? What are some solutions you think could help you?
  • What are some things that you can do right now that make you feel happy? Maybe physical activity, watching your favorite movie or drawing or writing?
  • What would it feel like to share your feelings with others who have had experiences that are similar to your own?
  • What do you think you can find on that can help you along during this time?