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Just A Rant

By June 21, 2022No Comments

just a rant

i’m beyond pissed. for my birthday celebration, i just wanted it to be a few people, that being my sister and my mother. that’s it.

however, my aunt, uncle, and grandmother heard about it, and now they’re coming over when the time comes.

asking for just my sister and mother was LITERALLY the ONLY request i had and they can’t even respect that. these people have treated me like fucking human garbage for years and NOW they want to act nice? no. fuck off. i don’t fucking care about you.

i’m half tempted to stay in my room the entire time they are here, but i shouldn’t have too. i shouldn’t have to cower away because my family can’t respect boundaries. i hate them all.


  • First we want to thank you for having the courage to vent your frustrations and letting your emotions out! Reaching out can be a struggle for some people and it is a great place to start!
  • Just know that there are people always a text, call, or a click away if you’re feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time coping with stress. If your emotions ever get too intense and you need someone to call, you can click on the Help button on our homepage. There are resources there for you to look at if you feel you need them.
  • Have you attempted to talk to someone in person? Talking to someone in person can help relieve stress and you could process through some of the extreme emotions you’re feeling. Try talking to a  trusted teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or relative if you’re able to!


  • Do you have some coping skills that would help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed? On TeenCentral we have a search tool that allows you to find different types of coping skills that you could try. Something that might help you stay positive is our Daily Positive Reminder tool, click here to take a look. Having a daily positive affirmation could help shed some negativity that may be weighing on your shoulders!
  • We also have a Journal prompt activity you could try or if you’re artistic you could take a look at our Art Journaling as a Coping Skill for stress blog post. Click here to see the page and learn something new or exciting!
  • It sounds like some things have occurred in the past maybe using this time to see if people have changed. Communication is always a great tool in understanding how people feel but also how we feel. Letting people know how you are feeling and your boundaries RESPECTFULLY can really create a new atmosphere for those around us and allows for us to feel more comfortable and safe as well.