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Life Isn’t Fair? More Like Life is Parents

By July 5, 2017No Comments

I’m a 16 year old with bad depression. Staying stuck in a house all day, not being able to hang with friends or do anything makes it worse. So I’ve decided to rejoin color-guard, also to work on my anxiety. Color-guard was always something that made me happy so my parents said yes, but in my free time I have to babysit my 14 and 15 year old brothers, without pay. I’ve been looking for a job so I could save up for a car and other things I’d like (especially things for my brothers since I’m apparently their parent now). I told my parents this but they’re making me pick one or the other and they’re screaming at me. I’m super stressed out because either way I’ll be a depressed 16 year old on the verge of giving up because there’s so much going on. Besides that, I look at it as, if I wanted to be a mother I’d have kid’s already, but I don’t. I want to live life as a teenager, and try to have fun but I’m not allowed to. I’m being isolated by my own parents from doing things and it honestly makes me want to kill myself. I’m sick of it. It frustrates me so much. I get yelled at when I vent to anyone about how I feel and I just don’t know what to do anymore. Everything’s falling apart but this is only one problem I’m gonna share for now.


  • It can be frustrating when you feel that you aren’t being respected or understood by your parents. You are strong for trying to find coping mechanisms to deal with your depression and anxiety.
  • Depression and anxiety can be hard to handle alone. Consider talking about it with a trusted adult, such as a teacher or guidance counselor, for support.
  • If you feel that you are stuck in the house a lot, try some healthy coping mechanisms. Writing, listening to music, and exercise are great ways to relieve stress and help with depression and anxiety.
  • If you feel suicidal, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


  • How could talking to your parents about the frustration you are feeling change things?
  • How might talking to someone about your depression change things for you?
  • How might getting help for your depression help with your problems regarding your parents?