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Missing someone

By June 5, 2017No Comments

My grandpa lived with us ever since I can remember. We were very close and he was like my favorite person, my best friend. When I was little, I never thought about what life would be like without the people I love. But then my grandfather got sick and went to the hospital. My mom told me he might not live. Then this one Saturday, my mom came home and told me that Grandpa had died. I thought, “No, it’s not true. I just visited him this morning. How could that happen? Grandpa was always so alive.” But he was dead. And dead is final, dead is over, dead is well, dead. It’s been a while since Grandpa died and I still sometimes find myself going toward his room to talk when I need someone to listen. Then I remember he’s gone. I am depressed, angry, and I feel so alone. I think I will go with my mom to her grieving group next week. She’s been asking me to go and well, maybe it’s time.


  • Losing a close family member can cause you to feel a variety of emotions.  Feeling depressed, angry and alone are some of the emotions an individual may experience during the grieving process.
  • Talking to others who have experienced loss can sometimes provide comfort knowing you are not alone. There is a possibility that some of your friends have lost a loved one and are experiencing, or have already experienced, some of the same emotions you are having.
  • Sometimes asking another family member that has lost the same loved one how they are managing his or her emotions can help. Perhaps your mom may be feeling depressed, angry and alone as well which is why she would like you to join her at her grieving group.
  • Some people find it helpful to do something private to commemorate the life of their loved ones. You might want to consider planting a tree, making a photo album, or writing a letter to memorialize your grandfather.


  • How do you think your mom would react if you explained to her how much you are struggling with the loss of your grandpa?
  • What are your expectations of the grieving group your mom goes to?
  • Who are some other people in your life that you feel comfortable talking to when you need someone to listen?