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Movie theater hook-up

By June 13, 2017No Comments

Help! I am going to the movies with my friend tonight, and he wants to hook-up, but I am not really feeling it. If I am, how do I start it? And what if he goes too far?


  • It was a good idea to reach out for some support! Remember that you can always slow down and take control of your situation. Don’t feel pressure to act one way or another.
  • Being honest with your friend is always a good way to start, whichever way your feelings may go. If you are not into him or what is going on, try being straightforward.This can be as simple as telling him that you’re not feeling the same way he is or that you’re not ready to take things to the next level.
  • It is good to have a back-up plan in case things go wrong. Have your friend or family text/call you if you need to get out of a sticky situation. You can have a safety word to let them know you need help.
  • Be conscientious of your friend’s feelings, but know that you are only responsible for your own emotional and physical well-being. If someone crosses your boundaries, protect yourself and tell them to stop or remove yourself from the situation. Keep yourself safe and try to make responsible decisions.


  • What are the pros and cons of each action you may take?
  • Who can you rely on for help if need be?
  • What are your feelings on the situation?