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My core friend group

By December 7, 2022No Comments

my core friend group are all seniors this year, and im a junior. i feel so sad knowing that im about to be left behind. they’re going to move on with their lives become adults (3 are already 18) and go off to college while im still in high school. im so proud of them but its bittersweet, i don’t want them to leave, i don’t want to be by myself afterwards. my high school sweetheart of 3 years is leaving this year and i don’t know the person i am without him, everything me is him. i want to spend as much time as i can with them but all at the same time i want to distance myself so that way it hurts less when they leave. regardless i dont want to be left behind



  • First and most importantly thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral and sharing your story.
  • This sounds like something that you have given a lot of thought to and sounds to be something that can bring a lot of anxiety and overwhelming feelings.
  • Have you talked to a supportive adult about this? Sometimes it helps to have someone that might have gone through something similar can be very helpful and enlighten us on how to make steps to help us feel better.



  • Take this time to maybe put yourself out there into some new groups. Find other juniors with the same interests as you or try a new club at school to make some new friends in your age bracket.
  • Just because they are going to be graduating doesn’t mean you won’t see them. If you distance yourself to much you might find that you have pushed people away that you didn’t mean to. Maybe sitting down and letting them know your feelings might help you get out what you need to say, but also help in letting them know how important your friendships with them is for you.
  • We can’t focus to much on the future as we do not have control over the future we can only be in the present. Take the time you have with them in school for now, let them know their importance, and work to keep those friendships moving.