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My Current School Year

By March 25, 2024No Comments


So, I shall start off by saying, my current school year has been quite the toughie to deal with. I have been feeling a lot this school year. Here’s the thing:

1/4: Did not get the class I most wanted

Yes, I know, it’s kind of dumb (unless to you it isn’t) (Ok, sorry… I’m probably being a bit too rude.) to be upset over this. But this class called TV Production was a class I really wanted. Unfortunately, I did not get the class. I’m mostly over this now. I guess the reason I didn’t get in was cause of other classes, and limited spots. This is not what’s upsetting me at the moment.

2/4: Over this certain friend. I won’t name names. This person is a girl. (I am a boy) (Here comes some weirdness!!)

So there’s this certain person who’s a girl I wanted to be friends with. The 1st time she said hi to me had me surprised. Then she did that thing many times as I saw it where she went:

It seemed like things have been going good, but since I overthink so many things, as she walked fast from me, or said hi rather unenthusiastically, I would keep thinking: “Oh no… does this mean she’s tired of me or annoyed at me??” Things haven’t gone bad until last month where things went downhill. I was given the cold shoulder/silent treatment (which I don’t know why that happened) but I keep thinking because of something I did. Now unfortunately, I can’t even be able to talk to her or apologize or any of that. 🙁

3/4: Limited from being a somewhat part of TV Production (Although the class isn’t on my schedule I was still somewhat able to do it)

Last month, this happened too. Basically, I heard this 1st, and then what I had for number 2 was insult to injury. Another thing to add, I did something that uncomforted the person from number 2 of what upset me that had to have them take it up with someone. This still makes me feel quite bad for what I’ve even done. (Ok I’ll just say it… it was recording them without their knowledge. I know. I KNOW. IM STILL SO SORRY.) So this other thing, I was limited from being a part of the TV production class, and I haven’t really done as much for it now since last month. I feel like I have been losing so much. It’s getting pretty darn tough for me to focus on the positive… and now the last one…

4/4: My whole schedule was wiped for a self contained class because of my mental health.

I wasn’t even told this. But for now, I have been put into a self contained class. Oh, yeah let me rephrase… a self contained class that I’m in ALL DAY. Yup. I don’t even get to go to any of my classes. Now I’m being told by one of my trusted adults that, if I want to get back to my regular classes (Now none of the trusted adults I talk to are saying that I will be in there for the rest of the school year, that nobody’s saying that. But I’m worried it might happen.) I need to prove that I can get through the day without breaking down, keeping my mood together, and all that. And then a meeting might happen in a few weeks. (About like halfway of April probably.) For now, I’m just told I gotta make the best of it.

The phrase “Things get worse before they get better.” is pretty much exactly what I’m going through right now. How do I keep up this hope that things will get better? Even hoping that I’ll get back to my regular classes before the end of this school year?



  • It seems like you’re going through a really tough time.  We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your story with TeenCentral— that takes real bravery and you should be proud of yourself.
  • Feelings are not right or wrong- they just are.  If you click on tabs on our website you will be linked to helpful information and strategies that can aid you in times of mental stress.
  • If you are ever feeling unsafe, or very sad like you can’t go on you should reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  They are accessible any time of day any day of the year.  You can call 1-800-273-8255 or  If you can always text “Hello” to 741-741 if that’s more comfortable for you.  Someone is literally a text away.
  • You mentioned having trusted adults in your network.  It’s good to recognize trusted adults that you can reach out to and seek counsel from in times of trouble.  Even venting for a short time can significantly increase a person’s mood and help alleviate some mental stressors that have been building up. You also never know if they have gone through a similar situation. Sometimes hearing other perspectives can be extremely beneficial.


  • Writing/Journaling – Writing down your feelings is a great way to express yourself if you’re having trouble commuting with friends or trusted adults.  There is also some very helpful literature and exercises under our “Tools” section such as our “Good Friend/Toxic Friend” printout.
  • Hobbies/Interests – It seems you are interested in TV production and media.  If these things make you happy you can dedicate more time to those interests outside of school as well.  You could begin producing content of your 0wn.  Using creativity as an outlet is a powerful coping tool that also generates artistic material to fuel your passion.
  • You mentioned being placed in a separate classroom, and that the goal is that you are able to ” get through the day”. Have you attempted to talk your guidance department or a parent about maybe talking to a professional? It can be as easy as contacting your insurance company and seeing which local therapists are in your area. This could really assist in setting daily goals for yourself and getting out the things you need to while learning to cope through what you are feeling.

Thank you again for reaching out to TeenCentral you got this.