My Mom Hit Me

By November 12, 2021No Comments

My mom hit me just because she thinks I ate her thing and then she hit me for eating her things.


  • Thank you for trusting the Teen Central community with your story.   Great job reaching out to us for help. Enduring any kind of abuse is not okay and can be extremely scary. You are very BRAVE to seek advice and put yourself out there. We hope that you can find the help and support you need. You are not alone!
  • If you ever feel like you are in any kind of unsafe situation where you need immediate assistance, please go to our “Help” tab where you can find multiple hotlines that you can call or text 24/7. Your safety is the #1 priority. Save these numbers where you can access them any time you may need. In addition to these hotlines, we have other resources on Teen Central that may be beneficial.
  • It seems like you may have a difficult / complicated relationship with you mom. Is there another trusted family member, community member or professional you can confide in? Sharing your story and feelings with these individuals may help you clarify what your options are and help you feel better in the meantime.  Maybe there can be an open line of communication with someone in your day to day life.


  • Many times when someone is going through tough times and doesn’t know what to do, things like journaling can be quite helpful. Taking the time to write down our thoughts and emotions can provide a positive outlet and help sort out why we may be feeling a certain way.  It’s just another way you can get your feeling’s out.
  • When going through struggles with a parent it can be easy to get stuck and feel like nothing is ok and you can’t do anything to fix it. During these times, it’s important to hold onto the things that do make you happy, no matter how small they may be. What are the things you enjoy doing? Who are the people who care about you that you can spend time with? You may not be able to physically spend time with people but that doesn’t mean you have to lose all connection.
  • Maintaining connections for support is really important but so is taking time to focus on yourself.  What are some things you can do to care for yourself? Things like spending time outside, exercising, doing arts and crafts can help you work through the things you are feeling and keep you busy. Also, think about where you want to see yourself in a few years and start setting small goals to get you there, one step at a time. You can do it!