My Mom Hits Me

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my mom hits me like it my falt and i know she does not love me or my dad becauseshe bullys him and yells at him.she gives my brother(1) eneythang he wants but she hits my little brother(2) because he has attitude and he learnd it from brother(2)


  • Thank you so much for reaching out to Teen Central about this painful problem in your family. We know it’s not easy to talk about being hurt by someone we love. It’s very brave for you to speak up about this.
  • There are people that devote their work to helping children and families in your situation. When you’re worried you’re in danger, please consider calling the police to come and help right away (just call 911) OR you can call 1-800-422-4453 for help anytime day or night. If you can’t or don’t want to call you can use their website to get help – .
  • Have you talked with anyone in your life about being hit by your mom? It can feel really scary to speak up, but this is EXACTLY the way that you and your family can get the help you all need. Consider talking to any adult you trust – another family member, a friend’s family, a close neighbor, a teacher or guidance counselor. Having someone in your life that can listen is really important.


  • Safety is really important when times get stressful. Consider using the SUPPORT PLAN in the TOOLS section to identify who you could go to if you needed help right away (in addition to the info above). Also, make a plan for how you can be safe when you think you’re going to be hurt. Is there a safe place in your home? Could you go to a neighbor’s house or a friend if you needed to get away fast? Also, make a list of important phone numbers that you could take with you quickly if you need to find safety right away.
  • Make sure you are making time for yourself to calm your mind and body so you can keep going and cope with this stress. Stress takes a toll on anyone who is stressed every day. Consider taking time to go outside, play, enjoy the sunshine, listen to music, dance, do art, whatever it is that helps you feel calm. It may not seem it, but even giving ourselves 10 minutes every day can help us stay healthy and make it more possible to cope with tough times.
  • Finally, is there anyone who you think could help you talk with your mom and dad about what’s going on at home? When it’s hard to start conversations about tough topics, having someone to help can be a big relief. Consider what it would be like to try and tell mom and dad how stressed you are about what’s happening at home, and what you would want someone sitting with you to do or say to help. They may be able to do anything from helping mom and dad understand what you’re saying to just being a quiet support.