My Parents Are Fighting

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my parents are fighting nearly everyday and i feel scared they are gonna breakup. my mom says she wants to die and calls my dad a stupid {explicit}______ ______.


  • It must be incredibly difficult to listen to this emotional and verbal violence happening in your home. You must be so worried about your mother and your father as well, perhaps for different reasons. It takes incredible courage to reach out and tell your story; to share such sensitive and personal information. We are glad you have. As you can see, the TeenCentral community is full of individuals who are dealing with many different challenges in life. You should consider reading their stories so that you can understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in what you are experiencing.
  • You didn’t mention if your parents ever fight physically or if it’s mostly verbal fighting. Hopefully it hasn’t risen to the level of domestic violence. If it ever does we would recommend you calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) which is active and available 24/7. The Crisis Textline is also another great resource for any kind of crisis, such as your mother if she becomes suicidal, or if you start having unsafe feelings. All you need to do is text “HELLO” to 741741 and start a conversation. They are active and available 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • Are there any other trusted adults in your family or environment who may be helpful to you besides your parents? TeenCentral is always here and we are happy to answer your questions, but nothing beats a face to face heart to heart when things are rough in life. Do you have an older cousin or sibling? Aunt or uncle? Religious leader, youth group leader? Guidance counselor, coach or favorite teacher? It’s just something to consider.


  • You are obviously under a lot of stress given the situation and it’s very important to make sure that you are doing the best you can to take care of yourself at least with the basics. Let’s start with the “Mental Health Protective Equipment” [MPE]. It’s no different than a nurse putting on gloves in a doctor’s office to protect themselves. We all need to put on basic “equipment” to protect ourselves during times of stress. Check out this MPE Tool from TeenCentral to help you learn those basics. Then check in with yourself. How are you doing with each of the MPEs?
  • Secondly, let’s look more closely at how you are sleeping. SLEEP is a super important aspect of MPEs. If you aren’t sleeping well then it makes it almost impossible to think clearly during the day when you are trying to cope with stressful situations. Take a look at this What’s New Blog on Circadian Rhythms and their importance when it comes to sleep. After reading try one or two of the suggestions in the blog for at least one week and see if it makes a difference. Did it help you?
  • Lastly, in the middle of everything you are dealing with it must seem almost impossible to truly RELAX. In fact, we think that many people have a hard time relaxing even when they aren’t under stress. If you look under the LEARN section of our website and then hover over Wellness you’ll see a choice to learn more about Relaxation. Once you’ve learned a little more about how to incorporate relaxation into a stressful life give one of the strategies a try. Facing your stressful situation at home will be more manageable if you have taken some time to care for yourself. We think you’re important. Take care. And drop by anytime you like.