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My peers bully me about my financial situation.

By May 16, 2017May 22nd, 2017No Comments

Here’s my story. The problem is that I’m on partial scholarship and somehow this got out. Now, there is this guy in my class who is making a big deal out of me being poor.
My friend ‘S’ says the boy must have a crush on me, but I know that’s not the reason. The other day he took out a five-dollar bill and started waving it around, saying “I bet you think this is a lot of money.” I don’t think anybody really knew what he was talking about, but they soon will. He isn’t going to stop until he makes my life miserable.
I can’t concentrate when I’m in school because I don’t know what people think about me. I really don’t want to talk to my parents and make them feel bad for not being rich. Who should I talk to when I can’t talk to anyone?


  • It is all right to feel insecure about your financial situation, especially in an expensive school. It is understandable you want to spare your parents’ feelings about your lack of money. However, try to remember why you are in this school.
  • Try talking to a teacher or school counselor about your feelings. Maybe they could give you advice on how to talk to your parents. Perhaps another trusted family member could help you understand financial choices and education.
  • Consider asking this boy his reasons for picking on you. Giving him a chance to get to know you could give him another point of view about people from different backgrounds.
  • If all else fails you can always ignore what he’s saying. Be secure in knowing who you are, where you come from, and what your dreams for the future are.


  • How do other students feel about scholarship students? What reasons do some students feel scholarship students are poor?
  • How could adults teach students that every student belongs? In what ways do adults influence students’ points of view?
  • How would your parents react to your situation? What advice would they give you?