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Need some support

By June 1, 2017June 6th, 2017No Comments

OK, here goes. I just found out that my dad is gay. And that is why my parents got a divorce. Now when I need someone standing by me, the guy I was with ends up playing me. And of course, I had fallen for him. Now, he’s going out with someone else and every time I turn around they’re making out. I mean, when I go up to visit him (he lives 45 min away from me) all he does is hang all over her. Some of my other friends told me that he told them that he was trying to make me mad. Why is he doing this to me? Even though he hurt me, I still like him a lot. My friends say that I am stupid for still liking him. Am I?


  • It is hard when things come up that are difficult to process and the person we want to be with us most is unavailable
  • Maybe you can find some other trusted friends to help you during this confusing time
  • Another option would be to do things that you enjoy doing to help you feel better like going for walks, exercising, going to a movie with friends, reading, etc.
  • There are many supportive groups and sites online and on to help you with finding out your parent is gay. Regardless of your father’s sexual orientation, he will always be your father. His sexual orientation does not define him; it’s merely a part of him.


  • What would happen if you leaned on some different trusted friends during this time?
  • What are some things that you enjoy doing to help take your mind off of the two situations?
  • What would happen if you looked online or on for support?