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No One Hears Me Out

By February 27, 2024No Comments

Hey I’m 17 yrs old I just got out of a hospital and I try my hardest but no one ever hears me out anymore. I wish I didn’t leave so I don’t have to be in the damn house with people who don’t know or care what I say. Yes I do admit to somethings. Also I hate I get blamed for everything and also when I do stand up I get into trouble. Idk maybe I shouldn’t have left the hospital because I fear that this was going to happen can’t go talk to anyone or call or chat with anyone because I get told I’m faking. I hate this place i’m in because I try my best and still get into trouble. I wish I was at kids peace again where there was actually people there to talk to who I could trust. I can’t talk to anyone in school because I get hurt deep down inside. I can’t take it anymore. I just wish my mental health was better.


Ways To Help Yourself:

It seems you’re going through a really tough time, we’re sorry to hear. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with the TeenCentral community. Be proud of yourself for seeking help, sometimes that’s the hardest part.

It sounds like you don’t feel heard where you are. That must be really difficult. It’s hard when you feel like no one listens to you or see’s your process when you’re trying so hard. I know you mentioned feeling like no one listens but have to tried a different approach to what you’re trying to say? Under the Tools tab there’s an activity called Conflict Conversation Organizer. It helps you put your thought, feelings and what’s bothering you in perspective and helps you organize them to better communicate what it is you are trying to say.

You mentioned feeling like you have no one around that understands or being able to speak to someone at school without feeling hurt. Is there anyone else around you that you can speak to? A friend, a family member outside the home, another trusted adult, maybe even a therapist that you can express herself to and feel heard? Just being able to express your feelings might help feel like a weight is lifted of your shoulders.

You also mentioned recently being discharged from a hospital yet feeling like you “can’t take it anymore.” If you are ever feeling unsafe don’t hesitate to reach out to the Crisis Textline by texting “HOME” to “741741″ or the Suicide & Crisis LifelineBoth are available 24/7, someone is just a call phone or text away.



Finding things that can help when you are feeling emotions that are overwhelmed can help with those big feelings. Consider the following these as coping skills:

  • Writing/ Journaling – writing down your feelings can be another way to self-express when you don’t feel like talking to someone. Under the “Tools” tab there’s an activity called My Support Plan, that can be a great way to start writing your feelings.
  • Wellness/Meditation – Have you considered stretching or yoga? It’s a great way to help relax the mind. There’s an activity called Yoga Pose, check it out. Or maybe deep breathing? When we help calm our breathing it also helps calm our minds. There are many beathing techniques you can look up and find the one you like or works better for you.
  • Art – drawing, painting, crafting are all great ways we can express ourself artistically without words. There are coloring pages you can download, apps that may be free or you can simply draw how you are feeling in that moment and why.

Lastly, check out Positive Self Talk, when we are not feeling ourselves remembering little positive things can go a long way.