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No one understands how I feel.

By June 7, 2017June 9th, 2017No Comments

No one understands me. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and a mild anxiety disorder, but are they really disorders? People shouldn’t suffer from this, no one should, they don’t deserve it. I’ve been on medication for two or three months, but I can’t notice anything. People say they do but aren’t I supposed to notice. I don’t know. No one understands how I feel, or the lack of feeling. I’ve thought about suicide, but then the thought just dies away. Please help.


Consider This

  • It is understandable to feel confused and alone when you have depression and anxiety. No one wants to suffer from depression or anxiety or any other emotional disorders.The suicidal thoughts that disappear could be considered a good sign your medication is having a positive effect.
  • Try to keep in mind it might be hard for others to understand how you feel because they are not in your head. People feel depression and anxiety differently.
  • Consider asking your counselor or doctor how long it might take for you to notice any changes in your behavior from your medication. Giving your body more time to adapt to the medication could help you begin to see the differences.
  • Maybe you could ask your family and friends about the changes in you. Sometimes other people can see changes that we might not.Try keeping a journal about the thoughts you have and how they change throughout the day or week.

Help Yourself

  • What changes do you expect to have from your medication? What is the average time to takes for the body to adapt to depression/anxiety medication?
  • What changes do your family and friends see in you? How have these changes influenced your life for the better?
  • What causes depression and anxiety?