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Not Exactly Sure How to Start

By May 9, 2024No Comments


i’m not exactly sure how to start this off, so i guess i’ll just rip off the band-aid: my life is going absolutely nowhere. i know that things are always supposed to change (and they’re encouraged to as well), but it seems as if everything that i wanted to be, i no longer want to be, and i can’t envision myself doing anything. i can’t even imagine myself past the age of 20; i just feel as if i’m genuinely not meant to be here, as i don’t offer anything at all (i don’t mean that in a suicidal way!). i have things i enjoy, but nothing i’m passionate about – i’m apathetic to everything.

i knew being an adult was going to be full of new opportunities and roads of self-discovery, but this already doesn’t seem worth it whatsoever. if i’m already stuck on something as childish as this, then what’s the point?

i thank you in advance for your time, as well as your response!


Ways to Help Yourself:

Hello, thank you for trusting the TeenCentral community and sharing your story. It sounds like you’re feeling stuck and don’t see yourself moving forward. That can be super overwhelming and tough.

You did mention not feeling these things in a suicidal way, we’re happy to hear. This does not mean that you may not feel the crisis of what you are discussing here. If you are ever feeling the want to talk to someone that is trained to work through crisis you can contact the crisis help line that I have attached here for you.

Crisis Textline
Available 24/7
Support to all individuals in crisis

Text “HOME” to 741741

Although, it’s still a difficult position to be in. Do you have anyone in your personal life that you feel comfortable talking to about this? A family member maybe, a close friend, trusted adult or even therapy. Being able to get the emotions out and talk about them can help lighten the load of everything you’re carrying by myself.


Consider This:

Here are some ideas of things to try, if you haven’t already.

  • Meditation – different breathing techniques, yoga or Zumba, things that will stimulate the mind and help relax the body.
  • Writing/ Journaling – writing down and or organizing your thoughts and feelings is another great way to express yourself without using words.
  • Daily Positivity – working on identifying at least one positive thing in each day, in easy to get caught in a cycle of negative and overwhelming ideas sometimes focusing in the here and now can be a way to help ground yourself. Grounding exercises may also help.

All of these tools can be found in our TOOLS section, along with many other examples and even some worksheets.

Find what works for you. You got this!!!