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Hi, I’ve written on here before and was able to find help now I ask again for someone else. This kid I’m afraid is close to a breaking point please and advise is so much appreciated.
I have noticed how a boy is constantly avoiding talking or looking and touching other students and I have just recently found out that he has been bullied to the point that he believed that he was to gross or disgusting and people would be sick or grossed out to be touched or even looked at by him. This broke my heart, what can I do or say to help this child? I have tried to talk to him but I believe he thinks I am tricking him. I have brought it to the attention of some adults but I have yet to see any progress. I hope the adults I approached have at least tried something but it does not look like they care or have the time to spare for this kid. I hope that my friend can find help before it is to late.


  • First and foremost, thank you for writing and and being such a dutiful friend to this individual. It sounds like you are advocating appropriately for this individual.
  • It also sounds as if you are trying to link your friend to a safe person / adult. Even though he sounds mistrusting of you at first, continue to encourage him to find a safe adult to talk to. Consider a guidance counselor, coach, teacher, ask if he has close family and or religious leaders he can turn to. Maybe offer to go with him to introduce him to a teacher or counselor that you think is worth trusting.
  • Bullying is something that can take such a HUGE toll on our emotions, our sense of worth, and is a big risk factor for suicide. We want your friend to be safe, just like you do. So PLEASE, knowing that he is isolated from others, try to let him know there are people out there that would be happy to talk with him. He can call 1-800-273-8255 anytime day or night, and can text HELP to 741741.


  • Check out our LEARN tab on the website and click on the BULLYING tab for more information. We would also recommend that you and your friend look at the other stories as many people write in on this specific topic. You can even simply type the word “bullying” in to the search box for more information.
  • When your friend is ready for it, have him look at our TOOLS tab for some great ways to cope with what he is going through, one we like to point out is the Daily Positive Reminders. Positivity is like a muscle, you have to practice it and then you get stronger / better at it.
  • Have your friend build up his natural supports away from negative classmates. Can he join a youth group, a neighborhood sport team, gamer group, nature activities, volunteerism?  Also, a change in environment can help, encourage him to get outside, be in nature, and practice mindfulness. Find one thing a day to be grateful for.
  • Thank you again for writing in and directing more youth to our website, our community thrives from the voices of its participants.