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Paranoid Problem

By June 10, 2017June 14th, 2017No Comments

Sometimes when I am at school I am paranoid. It really makes me mad that everyone thinks this; I’m kind of paranoid, but not really. Every time that I worry, I get frantic about whether this problem will go the way I want it to. Most of the time it doesn’t. Help! How can I stop this paranoia?


  • Thank you for coming to TeenCentral.  Many people struggle with paranoia and anxiety from time to time. You are not alone in this.
  • Take the time to calm yourself down when you start to feel paranoid. Breath in for three counts and out for three counts.
  • Remember that often other people are busy thinking about other things (or thinking about how other people view them) and they are not criticizing or judging you, although it may feel that way. Some times we can be our own worst enemies.
  • Make a list of the things you need to get done for the day. The things at the top of the list should be what you need to get done that day. If you don’t finish everything you can continue with your tasks the next day. This gives you a sense of purpose and having a plan may reduce your anxiety. There’s a daily schedule here on TeenCentral under Tools.


  • What is making you paranoid at school? What steps can you take to break the problem down in to smaller more manageable steps?
  • What if you told a safe and trusted adult about your paranoid thoughts? What suggestions might they have for tackling your paranoia?
  • What would be different if you were not feeling paranoid?