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Potty Break

By March 26, 2023March 30th, 2023No Comments

I am afraid to use the toilets at school and it’s causing me some really big problems. I’m in grade 9 and I feel like I’m the only one struggling with his. I don’t know what to do and I just never want to go back to school ever again.

Help Yourself:

  • First, thank you so much for reaching out to TeenCentral regarding this situation you are currently in. Here at TeenCentral we do our very best at guiding individuals toward the resources they may need to help them work through challenging times and situations in their life.
  • We understand how this may be uncomfortable and maybe even embarrassing for you to talk about, but remember that the hardest step is reaching out and asking for help and that you are so brave for doing so!
  • Next, remember that you are not alone. Take some time to sit back and think about all the resources you have such as any support system of persons in your corner. When you sit to do this, please navigate to the Tools section on the TeenCentral website and view the Support Plan worksheet. This is a simple worksheet to help you work through some of your thoughts and feelings and to aid in identifying trusted individuals in your life that you may feel comfortable with enough to talk to and allow to help you process and work through tough times and situations. These people may include parents/guardians, aunts/uncles, older cousins/siblings, teachers/guidance counselors, coaches, or maybe even a member of your faith/church community if you belong to one.

Consider These Options:

  • It is important to have coping skills and strategies to help us in many aspects of life and when confronted with conflicts/struggles. Do you have any? Sit and really think about this and write down any you can think of. Coping skills can be anything. It could be reading/writing, arts & crafts, walking/running/exercising, playing/writing music, or even things as simple as deep breathing, counting, or calling one of those support persons to help guide you through.
  • While on our website, go on a little adventure and explore! We have tons of resources to check out and read through. While in the Tools section, look at the Self Positive Talk and Social Skills resource guides. These will help to guide through the steps for self-soothing, lifting yourself up when struggling, and how to initiate and engage in conversations and social situations with others.
  • Our Learn tab will provide you with knowledge and information in all different areas. Sit down, relax, and take your time reading through some of these areas such as Anxiety, Depression, and Relaxation (which you will find in the drop down under Wellness).
  • If you are left feeling like you are eager to learn/read more, go ahead and scroll through the What’s New section. Here you will find numerous blog entries covering many topics that teens are facing in the world today. And don’t forget about all the Stories posted! Each Story is specific to a topic or situation and prove to be beneficial for many.