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Problems with anger

By June 21, 2017No Comments

I’m a girl who has anger management problem.


  • You are not alone. Many people have a hard time controlling their anger or do not have the right skills in a situation. Your reaching out for help is a great character strength.
  • First, you might try writing down the feeling you get when you feel angry: feeling hot, fast pulse, clenching your fists. This way you can know when you are about to lose it before you blow up. Plus, you can let others know when this happens, you are going to lose your temper.
  • Next, try finding ways to cope when someone or something angers you. If you can, try walking away or pacing to release it silently. Sometimes a slow song or chanting music can help relax your mind after a hard day. If you are physical person, consider a solo sport, like shooting baskets or soccer.
  • It might help to keep a journal of how your day goes. Try writing down the situations that anger you. Keep track of how you respond to these situations and if your anger improves. This way you can judge for yourself if you are controlling yourself.
  • You can also check out the Anger Management page on TeenCentral for more information on controlling your anger.


  • What anger coping strategies could work for you? What creative strategies could you come up with?
  • How do you think a professional counselor would help you with managing your anger? What situations lead people to seek anger management counseling?
  • In what ways has your family created anger in your life? How could your family help you improve your anger management?