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I have 7 puppies and my parents keep saying we’ll get them off to better homes but they aren’t acting on it and the puppies are just getting bigger and bigger they live outside in a big cage thing and my dad rarely cleans it out even if it has poop and stuff in it and 7 puppies just can’t live in that tiny space he hurts them and kicks them around even when they aren’t acting bad and he’s already killed one puppy a few months ago. he hurts all my dogs and the puppies mom is gonna have MORE puppies soon. It’s almost winter and they can’t stay outside or they’ll freeze but my parents aren’t doing anything about it they don’t care enough and they don’t have enough time for them even if they’re 7 PUPPIES and my mom is tired all the time because she has 2 jobs I just feel so stressed out I wish my life was different I’m trying to care for them all and I let them out to feed them every day but it’s just not enough for 7 growing puppies and I HAVE to put them back afterward. I hate my dad I’ve been watching him abuse and kill traumatized dogs for years and honestly I would like to see him die.

Things You Can Do Right Now:

It seems you are going through a really difficult time right now. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and sharing your story with us. Great job taking the first step.

If you feel like the puppies need help that your parents can’t provide or that they are being abused you can report the abuse to your local animal control agency. You can even report abuse anonymously. You can google ‘report abuse anonymously’ or visit the SPCA website.

You mentioned wanting to see your dad dead, have you expressed these feelings and emotions to anyone, a trusted adult or close friend? Is there anyone in your life that you feel safe and comfortable talking to? Just being able to have someone to get the feelings out can help feel less stressful. If you click on the “Learn” tab and then “Family” you can find information on family dynamics that may help with your relationship with your dad.

Some of the feelings you may feel may also be Anxiety. Consider clicking under the “Learn” tab then “Anxiety” and learning about different types of anxiety and ways to help with that. We also have an activity under the “Tools” tab called “Making A Hard Decision,” check it out see if it helps.

Lastly, if you ever feel so upset in the moment with your dad or any situation in your life and feel like you need to talk to someone right now but don’t know who please consider calling the Crisis Textline. It is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by simply texting “HOME” to “741741.”

Where To Go From Here:

Consider an outlet to help you with your feelings such as:

  • Writing/Journaling – writing your thoughts and feelings can help if you can’t verbally express yourself or may not have someone to speak to. Some journal prompts to start may be: “pros and cons list,” “letter to dad,” or “how am feeling today.”
  • Music – listening to soothing music may help relax the mind and body. Here on TeenCentral we have an activity called “Music Tool” under the “Tools” tab.
  • Daily Positive Reminders – writing or saying positive things that you experience each day may help with negative thoughts. Check out “Positive Reminder Card.”

We wish you the best and thank you again for reaching out.