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Pushing My Buttons

By November 17, 2022November 22nd, 2022No Comments

Is it normal to want to punch someone so bad, but it’s gonna get you in trouble? Well, I do, and it’s from one specific guy (that I’ll keep anonymous) in my school (which shall also remain anonymous). He goes to my math class and he’s always harassing me and trying to take my stuff. I tell him to piss off, but he doesn’t listen. My math teacher sees it and tells him to knock it off, but he doesn’t listen. I’m close to just walking up to him and socking him in the face or kicking him in the balls. I don’t want to be suspended or expelled, but he is just pissing me off so much that I am nearing my breaking point. If anyone can give some tips or tricks to help with the situation, I’d appreciate it

Help Yourself

  • Dealing with people who seem to push all our buttons is so difficult, and unfortunately so common.  Thank you for respecting yourself enough to ask for help and avoid giving this individual influence in your life.  Go you!
  • You stated that your teacher has redirected this individual for his behaviors.  Have you tried talking to your teacher about other alternatives you could use in the classroom?  Can your seat be moved farther away?  Can disciplinary action be initiated?  Your teacher may have some ideas to assist you that you didn’t think of yet.  It also helps in that your teacher would be fully aware of how much this is impacting you and be able to provide more support than simple redirections.
  • Have you involved your family yet?  It may be time for a teacher conference, or a meeting with the principal.  You have a right to receive the education you deserve without it being impacted by others who may not want the same thing.  Getting your family/ guardians involved may help with that.
  • If these don’t work for you, ask for a meeting with the principal yourself.  You also have the right to advocate for yourself and your education.  Use the power you do have that won’t cause harm to your schooling/ plans for your future.

Consider This

  • Dealing with pent up frustration can take a lot of self-control, but eventually it always finds a way out.  It’s good to have options for yourself when this happens so you can handle each situation as it comes along.
  • Do you have things that you do to release tension when your feeling angry, frustrated, etc.?  When you can’t leave an area, things like deep breathing exercises, visualization exercises and meditation may help.  There are many sites that you can look up online that provide ideas and variations on how to do each of these things.  Try finding one that works for you.
  • If you have the opportunity to move/ leave the area, try finding an activity that gets your energy out of your system.  Walking, jogging, yoga, sports, biking, skateboarding- and many others are great ways to expend that excess energy before it becomes overwhelming for you.  We have a few ideas on our “Tools” tab if you need it!