Self Esteem

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Here it goes,  I’m 10 and I feel like I want everything to end right now.

I’m going to start off with my body image. My parents and I are all a bit over weight and parents always try to tell me to be careful with what I’m eating. I know it’s in my best interest but it lowers my self esteem so much and I hate it. I want to tell them but lately I’ve been feeling really anxious and today I couldn’t even ask to get something without crying and hyperventilating. I hate it all and tonight I was searching healthy recipes and it was giving me mixed signal. Then I started thinking about my future and how I will always be fat and it would always be difficult for me. And it led to me crying in the bathroom naked looking at my body through the mirror.

Next we’ll talk about my friends. Right now I have one friend.  She is funny and everything but I’m more mature than most of the people my age. I matured quicker for some reason, maybe it’s because I learned Santa wasn’t real first? Or maybe because I found out about sex on the internet at 7? I don’t know, but recently I went into the older class and I ended up being friendless for most of the year because my one friend  hardly hung out with me or called me. I started hanging with another person and we mostly just hung out playing catch or looking after the little kids while the others played football. But recently I found out she was talking behind my back when I was off sick. I felt betrayed when I heard. Things weren’t always bad though. When I was in the little class I was friends with most of the people. Well that’s pretty much it though with friends.

I might make another one because my phone is at 6% but until then bye


Help Yourself

  • It sounds like you’re having a really hard time appreciating the gem that is you right now.  We’re glad to be a resource that you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with.
  • Most importantly, lets talk about your safety.  Your first sentence is concerning- if you’re feeling unsafe, or you feel like hurting yourself in some way, please don’t hesitate to let someone know.  Whether it’s a family member, another trusted adult or an authority figure that can help you, please take the time to do this for yourself.  You’re too important to this world.  If you’re worried about anonymity, try contacting a hotline that can help you.  They are easy to find on the internet in any area.  Just google suicide prevention and links should pop up.
  • When it comes to concerns about your weight, you’re not alone in this.  Many, many people have been or are still concerned about weight, and it often starts when they’re young.  Keep in mind that you’re only 10, and you have a lot of growing to do.  Some people gain a little right before a growth spurt.   If you want take action with this because of how it makes you feel, you may want to consider looking into nutritionists in your area.  Either way, it doesn’t define who you are.

Consider This

  • Have you thought about finding an exercise routine that works for you?  Some like sports, some like walking or jogging, some people like yoga.  Exercise is great way fight those negative feelings you’re having about yourself.
  • Friends are difficult to navigate when you’re young.  Everyone develops different interests, or becomes focused on their own lives and forgets about others.  One thing you may want to consider if going places or finding activities that interest you.  School is great, but everyone has to be there.  If you go places that interest you, you’ll meet other people who may have more in common with you.  Maybe give it a try and see how it works?
  • You may want to consider finding a dependable outlet for these feelings you’re having.  A journal is a great, non-judgemental resource that you can use anytime you want, and you don’t have to worry about feeling judged.  If you’re having some unsafe feelings, you may want to try reaching out to a counselor to talk with.  They are trained to help you find the resources you need to get through this situation.
  • Whatever coping skills you choose- know that you’re awesome, be safe and be proud that you had the courage to talk to someone.