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Sick and Tired of instagram

By January 4, 2024No Comments

I’m sick and tired of everyone on instagram. I don’t even know these people but they still think it’s ok to say mean things to me. If you think I’m over exaggerating here are some things that they say. “Stop posting” “stfu” “get of instagram” and another one by the same person “get of mommy’s profile”. These make me so sad and the worst thing is that even though I’m 17 no one believes that I am. I work so hard on these videos and no one treats me or the videos with respect. I’m so sick of these people and I just want to scream at them.


  • Thanks for reaching out to TeenCentral for support. Social media and the online world can be tough, so we appreciate you trusting this online community with your story.
  • We know that instagram is place meant for self-expression and an outlet for creative people to share their work and ideas online. That being said, many creative people experience from time to time an over toxicity of too much feedback from too many people even if it’s neutral or positive, but definitely when it’s negative. Maybe it’s time to even take a break from Instagram or do what is called “a media fast”. This is commonly done by many creatives who feel oversaturated by the people and “noise” of the social media world. They will do a “fast” for say the month of January after the holidays in order to give their minds a break.
    • What is the practice of fasting?
      • “Fasting is the abstinence from [staying away from] food or drink or both [or anything that is challenging your mental, physical or spiritual health] for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes. It may be complete or partial, lengthy, of short duration, or intermittent.” (Arienti, 2023; added note by tctalks)
  • It’s difficult because we can never control what others say or how they treat us. But we can choose to stay or leave negative environments, at least for a time. This may help us come back with a fresh perspective and allow others to find another source of their criticism.
  • Being able to find support online is helpful but we really recommend that you talk to someone in your own life that you trust. This could be a family member, teacher, guidance counselor, or any other positive, trusted adult. Do you have someone you could speak to about your feelings?


  • We think it’s important that you know there is always support and you are never alone in coping with life.
  • We also feel that it’s important to manage any sad feelings that come from negative social media experiences, so they don’t affect other parts of your life. If someone makes an upsetting comment, do you have any coping skills or things to help you calm down? You should make a list of the top 3 things just in case. This is sometimes called a Safety Plan. Make a small index card that lists these 3-5 things you can do in any environment to help calm yourself when feeling sad, frustrated or anxious. On the other side glue a picture that reminds you of peace and calm. Place in your wallet, purse, backpack or pocket as a quick way to remember your skills.
  • If you are feeling like people don’t respect your videos on instagram maybe you can keep making them but just not post them while you take a break. Or you can post them to another similar social media platform if you really wish. But keep being creative, especially if it makes you happy! Keep notes about your videos. Save them in a special place and show to them to trusted friends and family in the meantime. When you are ready to return fresh to instagram pay no mind to the naysayers. Remember – they may be jealous of your work:)