Step Mother

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When I was six my biological mom died and my stepmother (Name)  came into the picture. At first she was nice to me, and when I mean at first I mean a few years. My little brother (Name)  was born and I wasn’t jealous, not at all. At first she was okay because I was a child. But as I got older it proved how she changed. It really started showing when I was nine. She would make me feel terrible about myself and called me things like dumb and stupid. She also made me feel like I had to grow up ASAP. My little sister was born and things got worse. I went out of my way to not see her and barely talk to her. The thing is she goes out of her way to make things harder for me. Last year a couple weeks before summer somthing happened I don’t want to talk about and me and my dad got into a argument. He was mad at first but I started telling him how I felt and he calmed down . I said I want to leave and he let me go to my grandparents house. I was there half the summer and went away with my aunt to (Place).  Near the end of summer I went back and she was ok. But alfterwsrd it dident change. Just the other day she screamed at me because I couldn’t find sausage. I couldn’t hold it in and cried. I’m not in trouble I just want advice. You might say just talk to her but she’s a terrible person and wouldn’t sit down with me. I would talk to my dad but he would get anoyrd and walk away. I just want some advice especially since they call me downstairs to do stuff for them so I can’t just ignore them.


  • First we would like to thank you for writing in, some people struggle with reaching out for help and we just want to point out you had the courage to do so!
  • Here on TeenCentral we have a great tab that talks about family dynamics and how to talk to your family. Click here to learn more!
  • Is there anyone you could talk to in person about this issue with your stepmother? While you said you talked to your dad about it, other people that you could potentially talk to include a teacher, coach, guidance counselor, or a trusted coach.


  • Confronting someone about an issue can be nerve wracking but if an issue is never addressed, how can we come to terms with it. Have you thought about asking your dad to sit down with you to talk to your stepmother? It could be beneficial to you having your father there because he could fully understand how you feel.
  • Another useful resource we have on TeenCentral is our making hard decisions pros and cons paper. You can download and print this pdf to help you write down any situation your in and it can help you make a decision or it is a useful way to write down the way you are feeling. Click here to download!