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Hello, i have put a story on here once but i felt like making another.
My dad thinks i am “so worried about my identity and everything else BUT school” and i hate it when he keeps talking about just that. its like he thinks i am just a brainless little kid, i am trans masc and use He/him they/them. i have supportive parents, but sometimes my dad just makes no absolute F’ing sense. first of all, i am very worried about school, infact, actually to the point i had an anxiety attack because i thought he would yell at me about dumb crap last period because i was told teachers were sending emails home and i currently had been fed up with teachers and talked back when i got mad. the ONLY person i can talk to is my mom-mom and school counceler. I can’t talk to my mom or she would tell my dad, and actually no if i go to far into my venting spiral with my mom-mom she would tell my dad too. long story short on rare occasions i trust my dad because i get yelled at for the smallest things. i dont hate him, he is a nice dad, he just doesnt have any damn common sense.

not to mention i tried to explain to him once about how i feel, not even in the first sentence and he interrupts “who made you think that”. well im sorry you intolerant ass but i have my own issues, not other peoples issues.

he yells at me for f’ing everything, good or bad. he would somehow take out the singular flaw in me and point it out, just please be my dad, dad.



  • First thing I want to say is thank you, for having the courage to reach out to TeenCentral for guidance. Often times, reaching out for help is very difficult, so be proud of yourself for making that big step.
  • What you have described about your relationship to your parents, especially with your dad seems very stressful and hurtful. Have you ever sat down and talked to him about how you feel? Often times, doing this helps each of you to see where the other is coming from. Start with asking him to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Explain that you just need to talk about how you are feeling and see if he is open to doing that. You could include your mom and anyone else in the conversation too. Express to him how things make you feel when he focuses on just what he is worried about. Ask him to just listen and with support from your mom this might help.
  • If you ever feel the need to talk to someone who might have gone through the same things as you have there are hotlines out . I have included one that relates to the entry that you provided.

    Trans Lifeline
    Available 24/7
    Hotline staffed by volunteers who are all trans-identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience

    U.S. (877) 565-8860
    Canada (877) 330-6366


  • Journaling before you speak to get your thoughts out on paper might be a good way of expressing yourself.  You could use this to prepare yourself for a talk with your dad or someone you trust.
  • It is very important to work on yourself and feel more confident in how you communicate with others. In the Tools section there is also a tab called Positive Self Talk. The section listed under Tools “Family” is something that might help you understand the family dynamic. Families are a very complicated structure, and everyone’s family is different. Check out ways you can improve how you feel about yourself.
  • Always, remember to keep your chin up and look for solutions that will work best for you. Keep growing and keep learning that’s how we get better!