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My family recently got a dog and everything was great until my dad started saying stuff like how the dog is his favorite child and other similar things. At first, I took it as a joke bit then he said it more and more often and now I kind of believe it. For instance, when my dad comes home from work, it feels as if he only wants to be with the dog. It’s like this on the weekends too. I feel left out and as if my dad is pushing me aside and has forgotten about me. What should I do?


First, I would like to thank you for having the courage to share your story with our TeenCentral community. Be proud of yourself for reaching out it’s a brave step to take.

Have you tried sitting down and talking with your dad?  This would be a good start. Explaining to your dad how you have been feeling without placing blame. Your dad may not even realize that he is making you feel the things you described.


If you navigate to our TOOLS section of the website, you will find plenty of resources and information like Conflict Conversation Organizer and even guides for Making Hard Decisions.

Journaling is a great way to sort your thoughts and feelings and tends to help you better understand what you are feeling and why.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your dad at first, you could practice with someone you trust. Use one of the TOOLS on TeenCentral to help you gather what you want to say.

There are also many hotlines available to you on the TeenCentral HELP tab. Read over them because one of them may apply to your situation perfectly – and they respond immediately to you. Know that you are not alone. Relationships are hard and being honest and open with the people you care about is key. You got this!