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I go to therapy, to get an enemy
It ends so terribly, but I go voluntarily
It starts heavily, but it’s only temporary
This is necessary, end up in a cemetery
It’s only February, so unnecessary
Stresses vary in late February
I have so much pressure, drinking my Starbucks refresher
I got treasure on the stretcher, that’s such a stressor
With that compressor, you’re such a guesser
Fresher with that overpressure, what a stolen treasure
I’m broken like the ocean, with that special potion
That emotion is such a promotion, with that special lotion
This is such a devotion, like an explosion
1 line…
2 lines…
3 lines… 4!!
The blood just starts dripping from my arms to the floor
I’m at the shore, this feels like war
Let’s explore, I’m a little soar
I want to restore, but let’s not be a bore
Let’s not adore, with that little roar, you must ignore
Let’s not score anymore, let’s go to sleep with a snore
There’s the corpse laying there, in a little chair
This is rare, let’s not compare
With no prepare, this was unfair
Let’s say a prayer, to save the despair
This gave us a scare, let’s beware
Ending it all will just be a haul, with another fall will make you crawl



  • First, thank you so much for sharing this powerful poem with the TeenCentral Community. It can be difficult being vulnerable enough to share your artistic thoughts with others. We appreciate you having the courage to do so.
  • So, we don’t want to assume that this is about you or even what exactly this is about. The important part is that you are getting out whatever thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. Keep going! Creative outlets such as writing, poetry and drawing can be great tools for helping us cope with whatever is going on in our lives.
  • If there are things you are looking for support with, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to stories of others, we also have a section on learning about different topics such as self-injury, anxiety and depression. We even have a variety of tools such as a music tool that you can use to journal lyrics to songs to discover what they mean to you. Maybe a next step is for you to turn one of your poems into a song.


  • It’s great that you seem to have a positive outlet but please make sure you are also talking to others about how you are feeling and thinking. Do you have any trusted positive adults that you can use as sources of support? Do you confide in these individuals?
  • Aside from poetry, what are some other ways that you cope with any negative thoughts or feelings in your life? Maybe try something new that you haven’t tried before.  It’s always encouraged to have multiple healthy outlets that you can use to get through tough situations.
  • If you ever feel like any situations or emotions are too tough to handle, know there is help and you are not alone. There are many crisis text lines and hotlines available 24/7 and you can find them under our HELP tab. There is even now a national suicide hotline # where you text or call 988 and someone is right there to support you. No matter what, you are strong enough to get through anything. Just keep writing and keep going! We believe in you!

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