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There is light

By May 12, 2017May 30th, 2017No Comments

Well, here it goes. I’ve been suicidal for around 3 years now. Little things would set me off, like fighting with my family, getting in trouble for something I didn’t do, getting hit, my grandma being sick and my grandpa dying.   Now, after all of that, there is only one thing that stopped me. His initials are I.S. The last time I tried was a week and 3 days ago. I was ready and I was about to, when my mom called.  She said, “N., I was just on the phone. He’ll call back in 5 minutes.” And, with that, I put it down. Do you believe that there is teen love, and that it can overcome anything, even suicide? I’m beginning to think so. So, if you’re going to kill yourself, first think of the people that love you, and maybe you’ll find that you love them too, and that’s when you’ll put it down!!


  • It’s good that you realize the potential impact that hurting yourself could have on others.  Love is very powerful.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that dating relationships and even friendships can get complicated.  Sometimes they are fabulous and then there are days when they are difficult.  It’s wonderful that you didn’t go through with it, but no matter what happens with, suicide is never the answer.
  • You’ve been through so much!  Clearly, you have had a great deal of stress.  Look for strategies to manage the stress of family problems such as exercise, music or talking to a trusted friend or adult.
  • If you ever get to the point of feeling suicidal again, consider calling or texting a help-line, immediately.  We have many great resources on our site.  There are people who want to help.
  • The pain caused by a suicide is tremendous.  It’s not a way out.  Instead, it multiplies the problems for families and friends that are left behind.  Please consider talking to your parents or another trusted adult about how you have been feeling.
  • There is a light!  You are exactly right.  You will get through the stress and there will be great things ahead for you!


  • What strategies can you have ready to use, the next time you feel stressed?
  • What adults can you talk to, if you start to think about suicide?
  • Who are the friends and family that are the most important to you?
  • Which help-line would you feel most comfortable contacting?