This is Not an Asylum

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I am so mad right now, when I came home from inpatient a month ago my dad wouldn’t refer to it as a mental hospital, because apparently he didn’t want a bad reputation but he already has one cause he abuses me, but anyways- I’m at a day hospital right now and he simply won’t agree to the term hospital I don’t know why, he said no it’s not a hospital, it’s a clinic-excuse my French but that just pisses me off so much because he doesn’t want to admit his daughter has been in mental hospitals because he thinks they’re asylums or something for crazy people and he’s never understood mental illness and just tells me that everyone has problems, which yes they do but not everyone has mental illnesses. Now they’re arguing-my parents. Great

Help Yourself:

Let’s start by saying that you are not alone and thank you for telling us at TeenCentral your story.

Unfortunately, many individuals still believe that mental health facilities are the same or similar to the asylums of the past or movies we watch today. A lot of that is due to not being educated about them and how much mental health has changed and evolved throughout these years. There are plenty of resources for you and your family out there. The trained professional working with you may be able to offer some information and education as well as

Are you close to your mother? How about any other family member? If so, take the opportunity to talk to them about this. You will be surprised how much they may be able to help give you and or your father some clarity.


Consider This:

How do you take care of yourself throughout all of this? Self-care is important for everyone no matter their age or situation. There are many different ways to practice self-care. Spa days, taking long walks/hiking, or even playing music or exercise. The possibilities are endless.

How do you cope during these tense moments? Read, write, draw, color, sing, make crafts? Make sure you give yourself hobbies to help you express yourself, fill you time, cope, and take care of yourself.

There is a tab on our home page titled, “What’s New”. Take time to explore this tab. Here there are plenty of blog entries covering numerous different topics. Many find this section to be very helpful and informative.

While exploring our website, also check out our Learn tab and our Tools tab. These two areas offer plenty more information surrounding many topics such as Wellness, and Anxiety and activity sheets for things such as Support Planning, Depression, Self Positive-Talk, and information on Yoga, and Exercise.