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What do I do?

By August 14, 2022No Comments

I think my dad is a narcissist. What do I do?


  • It sounds as if you are experiencing some difficulty in your relationship with your father at this time. We are sorry to hear that there seem to be some feelings of hurt or frustration as well as some difficulty with boundaries and communication.
  • Teenagers experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship trouble, bullying, and more can text Need2Text at any time and speak with a trained, masters-level counselor.
  • It is important to link to a positive supportive adult in your life. If you are feeling detached from your father and as if your father and you are having a hard time communicating, consider writing down your thoughts and feelings. If you feel it may be beneficial, try writing a ltter to your father or having this other adult support help mediate a discussion.


  • We caution you to be careful with the names and labels you place on others. There is a 1997 book written by Don Miguel Ruiz called “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” it offers some key, cardinal rules for healthy communication. Some of those healthy boundaries include: Try to use language that refrains from judgement against yourself or others. Also, avoid making assumptions about others. (It is good to consider what evidence you have, how reliable it is, before jumping to conclusions) Lastly, always do your best. Consider putting forth the best version of yourself that you can every day.
  • What you can do for yourself is recognize and name the feelings that you are having and upon naming them, find ways to cope with your feelings. We have lots of information on Anxiety, Depression, Relationships on our website, as well as great ideas for TOOLS to cope with what you might be experiencing at any given moment.