Why do People Make Others Feel Useless

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Why do people make other feel useless
My question it why people think its okay to make other feel like they are not enough. What does it give that person. I get body shamed because I’m a bigger person and made fun of because I mess up my speaking a lot. And I just smile and laugh like everything is okay but its not. Having depression and anxiety is not a joke and it gets worst if you ignore it.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with TeenCentral and expressing how you are feeling during this difficult time. Reaching out for help is one of the hardest things to do and we are very glad you’re here so we can give you some suggestions and try to help you!
  • It is a relief that you already know that depression and anxiety are not a joke and not things to be ignored . If you want more information on depression and anxiety,  you can hover over the LEARN  tab and click on either the  ANXIETY or DEPRESSION  tabs. You can also read more information about BULLYING here.
  • Have you tried to talk to an adult about how others make you feel and treat you? If not then consider talking to someone in your family, school guidance counselor, teacher, coach, or religious leader to let them know how you’re feeling. Sometimes having someone there that you know supports you can really help work through some of the feeling you’re experiencing. You may even be surprised and maybe they have gone through a similar situation.


  • It seems like a lot of what you are feeling is unheard. One of the best things we can do when feeling this way is get those feelings out somehow. If you have a creative mind, things like positive imagery, meditation or grounding techniques may help. Or, you could consider getting your feelings out through art, writing, music, or dance. Whatever helps you feel like you are expressing yourself. YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD!
  • Some examples to get you started can be found in the  WELLNESS TAB under the LEARN section . There’s a RELAXATION  section which talks about nature, hobbies, and being able to “unplug” from social media. If you are more of a writer, you can always journal what you are feeling – maybe in story or poems as well. Something really great about journaling is that it uses multiple parts of the brain which allows for even more processing, emotional responses and ideas on how to work through what’s on your mind.
  • Consider making yourself a Support Plan. A Support plan is a good way to plan for managing stress before it strikes and becomes too overwhelming. You don’t need to come up with coping skills when you’re really struggling – you’ll already have them there to remind yourself.
  • Lastly,  know that you are not alone. Adolescence is a time when people are figuring out who they are and how they fit in. Sadly, some people figure this out by comparing themselves with others, and criticizing others to make themselves feel better. Consider what it would be like to say “no” or “that’s not ok” if someone is cruel or makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s always ok to speak up for yourself, just remember to be respectful. If you are not feeling confident in this you can always practice. Try saying it in the mirror – look yourself in the eye and practice the things you would like to say until they feel more comfortable. Then you can be ready to stand up for yourself.  Keep your head up and know that you are the most important person and being happy is important.