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Why doesn’t treatment work for me?

By June 27, 2022June 28th, 2022No Comments

None of this is working. I’ve been diagnosed with ptsd, adhd, depression, anxiety, I frequently use cognitive distortions in my thinking, and have been through hospitalizations, therapy ,self harm, abuse, suicide attempts etc… No treatment is working and I feel hopeless. My family is tight on money right now and the only therapist I’m seeing recently told me she doesn’t know how to help me because she isn’t trained in anything I’ve been through, and she’s our only option in our area. Like seriously, there is nothing else and my mom doesn’t know what to do and both of us are tired of switching and hospitalizations and all of this crap. Why doesn’t treatment work for me? I’m becoming more and more dependent on my psych meds every day and that’s basically all I’ve got because my therapist can’t do anything else for me, she said so. But we can’t pay for any other treatments and barely anywhere accepts our insurance and my mom won’t go to another treatment and neither will I because I’m tired of this and a lot of mental health services have given me trauma and trust issues on top of everything else. Why does nothing work I am so tired of this hopeless treatment.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with the TeenCentral Community. It takes courage to admit your frustration and feelings to others. Reaching out for help is the first step.
  • It sounds as if you already meet with a professional counselor from what you wrote here. While we hear that your therapist allegedly reports they are not trained in some of the needs you listed, perhaps you can request her help with working on the things that she is trained in. For example, ask for more information on what you mentioned above: Cognitive Distortions, Ways to Cope with Depression and Anxiety. If she is not as skilled in certain things, you may be able to ask her for a referral. Also, often hospitals will offer a discharge information sheet and sometimes offer resources or local crisis numbers.
  • Link up with your parent(s) as a parent might be able to call the insurance company (as we see you mentioned here you have insurance) to discuss linking to other options. They can also consult your county Mental Health office to request some help linking to resources and perhaps with applying for additional benefit coverage.
  • If you feel unsafe you can check out this website for some additional resources where you can link up with a person to chat: Netflix Resources | Find Information, Resources, and Support | Home (


  • If you wish to learn more about anxiety or depression, we encourage you to look at our website on the LEARN tab and browse our topics for more information. You can also consult the wannatalkaboutit website, SAMHSA, or NAMI for more reputable information on these mental health topics.
  • Challenge yourself to commit to the therapy you are currently receiving. Don’t give up. Listen to your therapist, Ask for activities you can practice at home, Commit to practicing, ask your parent(s) to work on things with you or at least communicate with you on a weekly basis to check your progress and help build your accountability. It is one thing to “go” to therapy, but doing the work is a daily exercise. Much like physical wellness and taking care of your mind, consider dedicating energy and time to yourself and your wellness. What you are working on may seem insurmountable, but with some time, effort, practice, and help from supportive adults like your therapist, doctor, and parent(s)…it sounds like you are headed in the right direction.