16 and Depressed

16 and Depressed

I’m 16, I’m depressed, and I’m having constant anxiety when I am in school. It’s been two weeks since I last went to school.  My depression is increasing day by day. The problem is that when I’m in school I’m just a victim of isolation.  I can’t seem to talk to anyone or even participate in a discussion. I do have a couple of friends but they have different classes.  Now that it’s been so long since I last went to school, my nervousness just doesn’t calm down and I don’t know what to do. It’s just so hard. I wake up every morning thinking that tomorrow is the day I am going to go to school, but as the day passes and the night comes closer all my confidence just drains.  I start to shiver, sweat, and I can’t stop thinking about wanting to not exist. It is so hard. My mother gets so worried and I feel so guilty about it.  I can’t seem to explain her what’s wrong with me. I feel like I need professional help and consultation so that I can feel better about myself and my life.


  • Feeling isolated at school can make it difficult to get up and go each day.  You are brave for reaching out to help with the depression and anxiety you are feeling and for trying your best to help yourself.
  • Think about finding another trusted adult to talk to who could provide you support and help you talk with your mother about seeking professional help.
  • Consider setting up a time to speak with your school guidance counselor or a trusted teacher about how you’re feeling at school- they may be able to help you establish a plan to support you with your anxiety while you are in school.
  • You might find it helpful to check the Anxiety and Depression tabs under the Learn tab on TeenCentral, or the Support Plan resource under TeenCentral Tools.


  • What could you say to explain your feelings to your mother or another trusted adult?
  • How might getting professional help for your depression and anxiety change things for you?
  • What are some ways you could comfort yourself when you begin to feel your confidence draining?
  • How would you feel differently about going to school if you were able to find ways to start conversations with others?