Afraid to Come Out

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end me. just do it. Well hi TeenCentral, i have made a few other stories about the terrible thing I went through last week about mom saying she is done, well she’s not done with me, i’m done with myself. i just wanna be dead already

I’m very afraid to come out as bisexual as my dad is a homophobe. My mom is not any better as my previous stories show. I’m afraid my dad won’t accept it and do something bad.



  • Thank you for continuing to look to Teen Central for support. We know you are struggling with a lot of stress, problems getting along with your parents and starting to figure out who you are. You seem to be overwhelmed by the situation, and we want you to be safe.
  • It’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you take steps to keep yourself safe while you work through these problems. You CAN GET THROUGH THIS! When problems feel like they’re too much to handle, or it’s hard to see a way things will get better, we can become hopeless. Remember, WE WANT YOU TO BE HERE! When you have these thoughts to hurt yourself or urges to die, PLEASE STOP AND CALL FOR HELP! You can call 1-800-273-8255 or text HELLO to 741741 OR you can use the websites: or
  • Have you thought about anyone in your life that you could talk to about the issues with your mom and your dad? Could you talk with your grandmother since you’re thinking about living with her? If not her, it could be anybody – a friend’s parent, a trusted neighbor, another family member, a teacher, a guidance counselor – even if it’s virtual. It’s really important that you have someone that’s right there with you in your life that can help you if things get really dangerous. We also want you to make a plan about someplace you can go when you and mom are fighting. If things are really scary, please call 911 and let the police help you and your family stay safe.


  • In the LEARN section, there’s good information about SUICIDE, SELF-INJURY, LGBTQ and in TOOLS there’s a resource for making a SUPPORT PLAN.  Consider using your support plan when you are trying to deal with the pain and stress instead of hurting yourself. Could you rip up paper, draw out your feelings, write out your feelings, or do some exercise that helps get your energy out?
  • Do you parents know how upset you are? It sounds like you are in so much pain, and we can’t help but wonder if you considered that above the problems, your parents may be worried about you. Worry causes people to sometimes get so stressed they don’t think straight, say things they normally wouldn’t say, and not even realize how it’s impacting other people. If you are your parents are fighting often, could you call a “truce” and agree to talk calmly, and take turns – even for just 10 minutes? There are “fair ways” to fight about things that can still lead to people feeling heard and hearing what other people need to fix a problem. Is there anything you miss about your relationship with your mom and dad? Did you used to do things together? Go places? Tell them about these things that you miss, maybe they’ll miss them too and it can start to change your relationship.
  • Taking care of yourself is an important job – one that you have to do every day. And during stressful times, having something that makes you feel calm, or happy or peaceful is even MORE important. Think about the things you like to do – maybe it’s drawing, or singing, or being outside, spending time with friends or playing games – whatever they are make time for them every day – at least 10 minutes. Keeping some balance in your life, and not letting it all be stress, is one way that you can help yourself get through hard times.