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Am I an Involuntary Age Regressor?

By September 17, 2023No Comments

I’ve been having a lot of household trauma and stress lately. I just needed a way to just let it all out. Recently I’ve noticed that my behavior is getting very childish, in a way i barely noticed. My parents get angrier and angrier every time i regress, and it’s their fault and not their fault at the same time. If they yell at me and hit me, I always end up in a fetal position and sobbing my eyes off, snot pouring everywhere because of how overwhelmed i am. I’m here now, i guess, looking for any help.


  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral and letting us know you story. That is often the first step and takes a lot of courage to do.
  • If you are ever feeling overwhelmed and like you are going into a crisis you can always text 741741″HOME”, and there will be someone there to help in that moment.
  • It is always a positive thing to talk to someone. This can be any trusted adult that might in your life. This includes people at school such as teachers and counselors, religious affiliates, or even a friend’s parent. Sometimes letting an adult know can assist us in getting out some emotions, and they might have some really great resources for you as well.


  • It is never ok to not feel safe, or to have someone hurt you. In our WHAT’S NEW section we have information about Getting Help for Abuse on Your Own, which I have linked her for you. This is a great resource to give some information about abuse and who you can reach out to if you feel as though you are being abused.
  • Regression is a tricky thing and is something that should really be diagnosed by a professional. Some things that you can do is assist yourself in finding other ways to cope through what you are feeling when you are experiencing these moments. We have a great section here called TOOLS which has some great suggestions in it. I have listed a few here for you with links.
  • It is all about finding something that you feel can help you in those moments. If you feel as though you need more structured assistance and resources a professional could provide you with each of those things. How you would find someone that takes your insurance would be by calling the mental health number on the back of your insurance card (your parents might have this). This would be a great thing to talk about with them, and that you are looking to create some solutions rather than continuing the behavior that is occurring.