Bad Dreams

By April 2, 2020No Comments

Sometimes when I fall asleep my dreams are really creepy. One time I saw some of my family members all dead. Sometimes I can’t move and can’t breathe and wake up coughing, and other times I’m just floating in a black abyss of nothingness, in those dreams I don’t feel scared or even sad, just nothing. What should I do?


  • Disrupted sleep patterns can be difficult to deal with. Thank you for reaching out for help!
  • It may help to look at your bedtime routine. Do you follow the same routine every night, or does it change regularly? Consistency in routines tends to help the body relax easier.
  • Have you tried any relaxation techniques before you go to sleep? There are many different options you could try, from relaxing music or sounds to meditation. There are apps like Calm or Headspace that have structures meditation guides. Take a look at some ‘progressive muscle relaxation’ techniques as well, which can decrease the amount of physical muscular tension in your body in an organized way.


  • Are there any big life changes that you’ve endured recently? If you have mental or emotional stress, they can manifest in your unconscious thoughts like dreams. Consider your biggest stressors, can you process them in a more creative way like art-making, collage, or movement?
  • Have you considered keeping a dream journal? You could keep track of your pre-bedtime routines, feelings and the topics of your dreams. This can help you to notice trends, and how things change over time. After a period of time you can look back and compare to see if there is any correlation between entries.
  • Have you tried talking to a parent/ guardian about your dreams? It may help to have a conversation with them, and they may have some suggestions that will help as well.