Bad Relationship

Bad Relationship

I do not really know how to describe how I feel, but about a year ago I got into a relationship. The first night he stayed with me we were drinking and he raped me. He started to get mean and even resorted to biting me when I wouldn’t give him what he wanted. I now have scars on my arms, hand, and shoulder along with many mental scars. He found it a habit to never let me sit down because I was “lazy”; unless he was sitting then he would make me sit on his lap or very close to him. We were only together for a matter of days before this started. I couldn’t break up with him right away because I was scared so I lied and said that my friend had an emergency and that I had to go to her house. The next day I broke up with him and I filed a report on him. Even to this day I can’t stop thinking about how I could have done things differently and prevented all of it from happening. I stayed quiet for so long because I was ashamed of myself. He now writes letters from jail to me.



  • It sounds like you’ve been through quite a terrifying ordeal with your ex. Sadly, other teens here at know firsthand the fear you’ve faced in that relationship.
  • It is not your fault that this happened to you. In life you cannot always control the things that happen to you, but you can control how you respond. You have done everything right.
  • Consider talking to a medical professional about how you’re feeling, and for tips to move past this traumatic situation.
  • This relationship was caustic. It may be in your best interests to not even accept the letters he sends from prison.


  • Other than sharing your story here at TeenCentral, what adults have you reached out to to seek support and advice?
  • How do you feel about completely severing any form of communication with your ex? How much do you think he’ll change?
  • What type of things/hobbies can help you take your mind off this past trauma so that you can enjoy your life to its fullest?
  • What advice would you give to your closest friend if they came to you with this situation?